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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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mega jackpot. tonight's drawing for $500 million has people dreaming. and state governments hoping for a tax bonanza. conflicting stories. video of the gunman who shot and killed an unarmed florida teen doesn't appear to show signs of a scuffle. and hero co-pilot. high praise for the jetblue first officer who took over when his captain had a midair breakdown. >> he's a great guy. i think he's probably one of the best son-in-laws i could have. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, march 30, 2012. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm betty nguyen. at 11:00 eastern tonight
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someone out there could become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. that's when the winning numbers of the multistate mega millions lottery will be drawn in atlanta, georgia. the jackpot is now the largest in u.s. history. $540 million. and if you are lucky enough to win, you'll have the choice of taking the money in a lump sum of $389 million or you can have your winnings paid out over 26 years. each annual payment will be worth nearly $21 million. just the sound of it. it's a life-changing amount of money. whoever holds the winning ticket won't be the only one to benefit. >> reporter: hundreds of want to be millionaires have crossed over never new england's border to california to get to this lottery store. nevada doesn't sell mega million tickets and this was the closest place for many people to buy one. the wait, four hours. the dream of a $500 million had tickets selling briskly near
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chicago. >> my husband can retire. we have five kids. we could get a better van. >> reporter: illinois was the first state to sell lottery tickets online this week, just in time for the historic jackpot. officials say nearly half million tickets have been sold in that state on the internet since sunday. old fashioned ticket sales are providing a boost to businesses that sell the tickets. even folks who don't normally play the lottery are taking a chance. >> i don't usually buy them but the pot's so big, i figured why not? >> reporter: cash-strapped states will keep an eye on the drawing. the winner who takes the lump sum will be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in taxes. that kind of revenue could delay budget cuts, keep programs funded or make a dent in the state's debt. >> i think charity's first thing on my list. >> a house. >> financial freedom. >> a yacht. >> reporter: spending the money before you've got it is the easy part. >> that's so much money for one person to have that, you know, i think a group should win this money.
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>> reporter: but if you're buying tickets in a pool at work, there is a need to be cautious. >> a multitude of lawsuits over the years over the sharing of a winning lottery ticket. >> reporter: legal experts say you should put the rules of your office lottery pool in writing. ask, what is the deadline for collecting money? who is participating? who hold the tickets? lottery officials say you should photocopy the tickets front and back. good advice when $500 million is on the line. >> all right, so if you end up hitting the winning numbers tonight, there are instructions on the back of your ticket on what to do next. depending on what state you bought it in, you'll have anywhere from 180 days to one year to claim your prize. by the way, your chances of winning are 1 in 176 million. so, good luck, everyone. well, some time this morning the nine justices of the supreme court will vote on the constitutionality of president obama's health care reform law, but we won't know the outcome for months.
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the justices heard three days of arguments this week. today they'll gather in a conference room by themselves and vote in order of seniority. in the weeks that follow the justices will read each other's opinions and the vote can be changed. they're expected to announce their decision in june. to the latest on the case of trayvon martin, unarmed florida teen shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. the gunman george zimmerman says he acted in self-defense and fought with martin. 911 tapes indicate to show zimmerman followed martin but on cnn last night zimmerman's brother says that is not the case. >> he didn't chase anyone. he did not follow nor did he ever catch up to mr. martin. >> video of zimmerman at a police station on the night of the shooting does not appear to show signs he was involved in a scuffle. and now an undertaker says neither did martin's body. randall pinkston has that part of the story. >> reporter: this police video
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shows neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman the night he shot trayvon martin. zimmerman told officers he acted in self-defense after the teenager attacked him and repeatedly punched him in the face. but no obvious injuries can be seen on the video. and the funeral director, who prepared martin's body for burial, didn't notice any bruising that indicated a fight. >> we could see no physical signs like there had been a scuffle, there had been a fight. the hand, i didn't see any knuckles, bruises or what have you. >> reporter: in the police report, officers did write that zimmerman's nose was bloody. now his family is coming to his defense. former judge robert zimmerman told fox 35 in orlando his son's life was threatened. he said martin, quote, continued to beat george and at some point george pulled his pistol and did what he did. police let zimmerman go after it was determined there wasn't
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enough evidence to charge him, but it appears some officers considered making an arrest. sheryl brown lives in the neighborhood where trayvon martin was killed. her son was interviewed after the shooting by this detective. seen here on the right. >> he stated to me in my family room that we don't believe this was self-defense and we need to prove it. >> reporter: a special state prosecutor is now looking at all the evidence. investigators say it could take weeks to finish their review. randall pinkston, cbs news, sanford, florida. the senate voted against a democratic bill to end tax breaks for oil companies. yesterday's vote was 51-47 against the democratic bill. oil companies receive $4 billion in subsidies. shortly before the vote, president obama made his case for ending the tax break. >> the biggest oil companies are raking in record profits. profits that go up every time folks pull up into a gas station.
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but on top of these record profits, oil companies are also getting billions a year. billions a year in taxpayer subsidies. >> it's become a major election year issue and many republicans say cutting subsidies would lead to even higher prices at the pump. two gop officials say another top republican, wisconsin congressman paul ryan, is expected to endorse mitt romney. the wisconsin primary is on tuesday. the endorsement could come as early as today. yesterday romney picked up endorsement of former president george h.w. bush. the president said, it's time for republicans to get united. colorado firefighters are making progress fighting a deadly wildfire south of denver. that fire which flared monday is now 45% contained. at least 4100 acres have been burned and 27 homes destroyed or damaged. watch and listen, though, to
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this dramatic video of a family making a run for their lives on monday. >> where's mom? what are you stopping for? >> some evacuees have been allowed to return back home. an elderly couple, though, has been found dead in the fire zone and another woman is still missing. the co-pilot of jetblue flight 191 is keeping a low profile right now. jason dowd's quick actions after tapping clayton osbon's bizarre rampage have some people calling him a hero. and as susan mcginnis tells us, his family is not surprised. >> reporter: the family of the jetblue co-pilot credited of taking control during a midair incident says jason dowd doesn't want to be called a hero. court documents reveal he diffused the situation when flight 191 pilot clayton osbon become increasingly incoherent. the co-pilot's father-in-law says he's not surprised that dowd knew what to do. >> he's a great guy. i think he's probably one of the best son-in-laws i could have.
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i mean, give you the shirt off his back if you want it. >> reporter: investigators say he got osbon out of the cockpit, locked the door and took command. passengers say the pilot started yelling and ran up and down the aisle. dowd called an off duty pilot into the cockpit and asked passengers to restrain the captain. together they requested an emergency landing. >> jetblue 191 declared emergency. >> jetblue, we have to go into amarillo, declare an emergency at this time. >> reporter: the fbi will review the cockpit voice recorder to try to learn more about how events unfolded. investigators have also interviewed dowd. he hasn't been back to his ohio home, but he did let his family know he was safe after the emergency landing in texas. >> he called very shortly after it happened and very short conversation that he was just okay and that there had been a problem on the plane. >> reporter: captain osbon was charged with interfering with a crew and faces 20 years behind bars if convicted.
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susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. coming up on the morning news, a violent breakdown across spain as tens of thousands protest new labor laws. you're watching the "cbs morning news." can't believe i bought a 6" subway breakfast sub and got this one free. really? wow, you can buy one 6" sub and get another one free? any 6" sub, before 9am... [ cyclist ] what? wait, you can get one 6" sub and get one free? before 9am... [ tires screech ] buy one 6" sub and get one free? before 9am. [ tires screech ] buy one 6" sub? ...and get another one free? before 9am. all april long. [ male announcer ] subway. eat fresh.
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proposed $40 billion in cuts. more than 170 demonstrators were arrested. stocks on wall street were mixed thursday. the dow rallied to finish up 19 points while the nasdaq lost 9. the company that makes blackberries is waving the white flag when it comes to the consumer market. research in motion's devices are having a hard time connecting with the average smartphone buyer. instead, the company will target corporate customers. best buy is closing 50 of its big box stores across the country and cut about 400 corporate jobs in order to save about $800 million. the electronics retailer will open 100 smaller stores. best buy made the announcement after posting a fourth quarter loss of $1.7 billion. and apple and its partner foxconn are promising to improve conditions at chinese factories where iphones and ipads are made. the companies will hire thousands of new workers, improve safety and eliminate illegal overtime. the changes come after fair
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labor association launched an investigation of those plants. good to see changes made there. >> absolutely. thank you, ashley. straight ahead on your friday morning, we'll have the weather. in sports, deja vu all over again as the mavs take on the heat in a rematch of last year's nba final. [ male announcer ] new starbucks blonde roast is another way to look at the bean. another way that reveals the lighter, mellower side of our roast. introducing delicious new starbucks blonde roast. the lighter roast perfected. ♪ then we introduced liquid detergent with stainlifters. followed by the number-one super-concentrated liquid detergent. and now, the most concentrated all ever!
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miami, mostly sunny, 83. chicago, rain ending there, 59. dallas, partly cloudy, 85. and l.a. becoming sunny, 69. let's get a check of your national forecast. a storm system will push it's way across the plains and mississippi valley. the threat of tornadoes will be high from northeast kansas to southeast nebraska. a powerful storm moves through the northwest and northern california. some areas they get as much as 8 inches of rain. afternoon thunderstorms are possible from oklahoma to arkansas. in sports, a rematch of last year's nba final between the mavs and the heat. in the third, lebron james kills a pass for the lay-in, giving the heat a 13-point lead. then in the fourth, he makes another steal then goes high for the big throwdown. look at that. miami sends dallas packing, 106-85. and in l.a., the thunder's russell westbrook helped take down the lakers with a long distance buzzer-beater to end the third quarter.
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westbrook finished with 36 as oklahoma city humbles l.a. 102-93 for their fifth consecutive victory. in baseball the oakland a's earn a split in tokyo. bottom of the seventh, cespedes hammers his first major league home run putting the a's up by one over the mariners. balfour seals the win getting smoak to ground out in the ninth. oakland topped seattle 4-1. when we return, the rise of autism rates. a look at why more children than ever are being diagnosed with the disorder. whoa! what is that? it burns! it's singeing me! here's a look at today's with chili's $6 lunch break combos, featuring our classic turkey sandwich. chili's lunch break combos.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., partly sunny, 64. afternoon thunderstorms in atlanta, 77. st. louis, mostly cloudy, 82. denver, partly sunny, 80 degrees. seattle, cloudy, 49 degrees.
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a surprising new report on autism. the centers for disease control now estimates 1 in 88 children has autism or a related disorder. that's up almost 25% since 2006. and it's almost five times more common in boys. michelle miller has the story. >> reporter: the cdc's latest survey suggests autism is epidemic. it was an unexpected finding to dr. gary goldstein, who studies the disorder. >> that's a pretty enormous number. i was sort of surprised that it's continuing to increase at this rate of over 20%. >> reporter: in fact, the new numbers would indicate an extraordinary situation, that the rate of autism has doubled in just six years. in 2008 the cdc studied the medical and educational records of over 300,000 8-year-olds in 14 states. they were looking for a diagnosis or symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, or asd. asd refers to a group of
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symptoms, including a profound inability to communicate, mental retardation and other developmental disorders from mild to severe. diagnosis can be complicated and subjective. >> the people who are making the observation are more atune to autism and more likely describe the symptoms. >> reporter: the cdc acknowledges the surge is due in part to increased awareness. the cause of autism remains a mystery. some clues may be found in studying families like the otts. 12-year-old brock was diagnosed at age 5. >> i act normal now. if you got me when i was young, i would stare into space and talk to you while i'm staring into space. you'd be talking to me and i'd be staring there and i'd still be talking to you. >> reporter: so things have gotten better? >> uh-huh. a lot better. >> you got it! >> reporter: at children's hospital of philadelphia, researchers look for changes in the brain after birth. and even during pregnancy.
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that's why brock's sister has been monitored since she was born. next year new guidelines are expected to change the definition of autism. that could drastically reduce the number of children given the diagnosis, particularly those with mild autistic traits like brock. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. you've heard of pink slime. well, some say it's getting a bad name, especially one company that makes the beef filler. beef products in nebraska says there's nothing gross about the product and opened its doors, in fact, to several politicians yesterday just to prove it. the meat company has been forced to close several plants because of the controversy. kansas governor sam brownback says if pink slime had a better name, then maybe those plants could reopen. >> i think a big part of the campaign problem has been the other side pushing and it's gotten a catchy name. i hope that, dude, it's beef,
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. four minutes before 5:00 on a friday morning. marty is over in the first warning weather center. >> well, it is actually a few degrees above normal. let's take a look at the day part. the low to mid 40s now. 57 at lunch on its way to a high of 62. by after dinner we are still falling back through the 50s, don, take it away. >> here is what we have our eye on for you today, a possible vote to develop offshore wind power. hundreds of members deploy to afghanistan and students competing in the spelling bee with a trip to washington dc on the line. already in the thus this morning, local students rally inning support of trayvon
4:57 am
martin as video of the night he was killed raises more questions in the case. a maryland high schooler drops dead in gym class, the investigation into her mysterious death and what followed. and the buzz continues to build over the biggest jackpot build over the biggest jackpot in the history ,,,,,,,,
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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland, now don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team, your first warning weather, and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's friday. >> it is the last friday of march, second to last day of march. and it is a chillier day start


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